Rainbow Moonstone and Uruguayan Amethyst Crystal Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant

$ 140.00

Angel Collection by Dreaming Eagle Designs

New in this Special Edition Collection of pendants is a A Rainbow Moonstone cabochon and a dark purple Uruguayan Amethyst Crystal wire wrapped in sterling silver.

Pendant size is 2.6" x 1.45".

Rainbow moonstone is a stone for the Divine feminine that emits WhiteLight and offers protection from negativity. It's purifies the Aura, activates all Chakras, and provides harmony and emotional balance.

Amethyst has been known as a stone of spiritual protection and purification. Amethyst can assist with dream recall and is a Great stone for meditation and opening the crown chakra. Amethyst helps shield your Auric field with spiritual light and is a great stone for overall healing.

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