Blue, Green and Purple Ammolite Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant

$ 145.00

Blue, Green and Purple Ammolite wire wrapped in sterling silver.  It has flashes of Blue, green and purple. At some angles I feel like I see hints of teal as well. It has some matrix veins and the scale like look that is common to Ammolite.

Ammolite is fossilized ammonite shell.  Ammolite is extremely hard to photograph.. I used LED lighting and natural day light. This one was very difficult to capture all the colors on camera and looks so much prettier in person.

Pendant size is 1.75" x 0.75".

Ammolite activates the soma chakra and third eye. It represents coming full circle and has the souls path encoded within it. It activates personal empowerment and converts negative energy into positive flowing spiral. This is a very rare stone. It cleanses karma and releases mental obsessions and past life trauma. Ammolite heals anything that needs structure and clarity. It is a helpful stone for craniosacral work. Fungi Shui masters call it The seven color prosperity stone. They believe that it stimulates the flow of qi, the life force, through the body and suggest keeping one in your home for wealth, health, vitality and happiness.  it can also help promote beneficial business dealings and prosperity. The stone awakens Kundalini and benefits longevity. 

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