Sky Blue Hemimorphite Druzy Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant

$ 225.00

This is a fabulous sky blue Hemimorphite Druzy (Drusy) Cabochon that has polished sides and lightly rolled polished edges set in solid sterling silver. This stone is completely natural and has not been dyed or enhanced in any way. Isn't is awesome that this color exists on its own in nature? The back of the stone shows the natural matrix and a little matrix is visible on the front.

It has been many years since I have been able to find Druzy Hemimorphite of this high quality. It takes a special skill to be able to cut Hemimorphite and it is a very rare stone in any form, much less in a fabulous Druzy Hemimorphite of this High Quality. This stone sparkles on top like the sun glitters on the ocean at mid day. it is a truly magical stone to gaze into and become lost. I have a special affinity for the ocean and I feel anyone drawn to the sea or water, will love Hemimorphite Druzy.

Hemimorphite has been one of my favorite stones ever since I first set eyes on it many years ago. It is a peaceful stone that brings peace and tranquility to your energetic field. Hemimorphite protects its wearer from malicious thoughts and manipulation from others. it has been said to counteract poison. It raises your vibration to the highest spiritual levels. Hemimorphite helps you release external influences that do not align with your higher purpose and soul plan. it helps one to manifest their highest potential and develop inner strength. Hemimorphite is an optimistic stone, promotes optimum health, and brings in joy and balance to your auric field. I was filled with joy the entire time I was wrapping this stone.

Pendant size is 1.5" x .65".

It is important to take care to not drop druzy stones as they can shatter due to their crystalline structure. Hemimorphite has a mols hardness of 4.5 to 5 to is a more fragile stone.

Do not use harsh cleaners on druzy stones.


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